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Hi Red Goodbye Fans,

Andrew and Alex here saying thank you as always for your continued support of the band and our music as we try to pursue the rock dream. Many new fans are finding us through a fake release of the new Creed album. Although we didn't post this ourselves, we're loving the extra attention and exposure were receiving from it. The Red Goodbye Facebook Page has just passed 5000 fans and our website traffic is at an all time high. We want to personally thank all the friends and fans of Red Goodbye who are spreading the word and sharing the music. The band is currently recording in Long Island and Utica, NY, readying our 2011 release RadioTower.

We're very happy that so many new fans have been able to download the music for free through torrents; gaining exposure and new fans is what's most important to us. That being said, the more copies of a CD we move legitimately (as opposed to torrent downloads), the better we look to record labels and the closer we get to our goal of getting signed. To make this easy and affordable , the CD copy of One Time Mountain is now just $5. We want you to have this CD in your hands. Grab it at today and help us out. For just $5, why not get 2?

We love hearing from you guys - keep posting comments and make sure you tell us where you're from!


Andrew and Alex
Red Goodbye

Electronic Press Kit

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Michael 6 months ago
Found your song hour glass by trying to download creed and fell in love shocked to hear this rather than the intended creed, but definitely happy with this discovery :)

boondock saint 1 year ago
your song god and girl took ma breath away...when I listened to that song for the first time, I thought it to be a song by the famous band CREED...but now I know it's you guys, and i also know that in the near future you're gonna be fuckin' better than them...

Andrew Horn 2 years ago
New Video from Lead Singer of Red Goodbye Andrew Horn, please join us on the new band page One Time Mountain

Heitor Alimo 2 years ago
Can't stop listening to Red Goodbye! From Brasil

Roberto 2 years ago
Listened to your cd again after a couple of years or so and you still sound fuckin' great!

Scub 2 years ago
Greetings from Brazil! U guys are amazing. Can't stop listening to Red Goodbye!

Erlantz 3 years ago
I usually listen to harder things, but your music is fantastic. Andrew sings like an angel and I love the style of Alex. Regards from Spain.

HARPREET 3 years ago
when i first listened the song "i will carry on" and my first thought was who the hell is this guy singing. the song is sweet and wonderful.i did not know about red but came to know through this song and then i listened his every track. those are amazing.. red you are really singing through deep heart and i can feel it.. we love you.

OberonOrion 3 years ago
Hey, love your song Golden Times! I was listening to it yesterday with my dad and he was hearing it for the first time. He loves it and thinks that the lead singer sounds a bit like Creed. :) keep rockin guys! -Amber

DEEPAK BHATT 3 years ago
i relly love listening to u guys.....u have written and performed some great songs......keep up the good work and wish u a very good luck....

Tanya Maheshwari 3 years ago
i had my head phones on and Red Goodbye on repeat from 10 pm to 530 am last night only because i couldn't get myself to put the music off. It was completely worth it and i'd do it all over again because the music (as a whole), is beautiful and it beats anything else i've ever heard.

Dustin 3 years ago
you guys are amazing...i first heard of you by mistake when my mom mistaked you for creed cause she thinks you sound alike..just know that im very happy she made that mistake because i love you guys and hope the best for you.

mAdbRaD 3 years ago

Akib 3 years ago
You guys are awesome. Im a great fan of creed. U too are cool. please update your website with detail album listing, release date, member biography etc. You guys rock.

kevin 4 years ago

Michelle 4 years ago
BTW: Andrew, your voice goes right through me, in a very, very good way...

Michelle 4 years ago
I just bumped into you guys (Golden Times) purely by accident, and I must say, I was totally swept off my feet! It was love at first listen, and I'm dying to hear more! Best of luck, and I'll definitely spread the word!

Jessy 4 years ago
<3 Nothing to come back is soooooo bautiful! <3 you guys!

Obaid 4 years ago
Rock on friends, U ve got what it takes to be the best

Simon Rose 4 years ago
Love your music! Andrew Horn you have an amazing voice, I wish you all the best.

Janaye 4 years ago
Sounds great to me BWTDHIK

d.r. 4 years ago
i love you red goodbye!

Danny 4 years ago
You guys are awesome. I listen to your music every day. Great Voice, awesome Lyrics and great music. You guys rock. Ill definitely be getting the Cd! Keep it coming! Rock on from Minnesota guys!

Yen 4 years ago
Can you tell me in which context the song '' Nothing to come back'' was written? I don't understand its meaning much. Besides, your voice is AWESOME!!!!!

alf 4 years ago
hola bno soy de mexico me gustan sus canciones geniales golden times lo mejor sigan asi pronto seran mas grandes de lo que ahora son =)

Shrtee Garfield 4 years ago
I am a FAN from now.....
You Got ME and my friends

Shrtee Garfield 4 years ago
So the rest of the songs of the "Better" album is ??????

Ivy 4 years ago
Another Creed fan here. I found Red Goodbye through the fake release. The song Shakespeare Lied is what got me hooked onto y'all. Your music is amazing! You'll hit it big soon. :)

Roscoe 4 years ago
Hey I'm another Creed fan that kind of found your music by accident and I must say that your music is completely awesome. I hope you guys make it big real soon.

ernest 4 years ago
hey guys, your songs are great!!! the first time i heard your songs, especially god and girl, i was inspired to reunite my band and play again.. im sure you"ll get big... rock on!!!

jazzmynn Denruiter 4 years ago
i definetly think that you guys will take off big time. i love your songs. i would buy a cd, but i dont have any money, if i get money i hope i will be able to buy one. i will pass on your music for as long as i live, i will look back later in my life when i have kids that are listening to your music and ill smile and say, i was there when they first came to be. i know you dont know me, but if you feel like giving up, dont...if your music doesnt take off, then just think of this of how much fun youve had playing and rehursing these amazing songs. im here to support you! :)

Tinabear 4 years ago
Drew...we were lala buddies...just found you again by way of RonJ...I forgot the haunting sound of your music that I loved...great great job!!!

Justin Jewkes 4 years ago
Your music is an inspiration. I would love to be able to get your name out there so I can see Red Goodbye on Zune marketplace, and see the album in stores and featured on Sirus. You guys have the potential to make that, and I would love to see it realized.

Ralph 4 years ago
Greaaat Rock Music!!!!
Keep it up guys....

Kim 4 years ago
Just discovered your band and LOVE your music! Passing you along to my friends! Your California fan!

Luis Pablo 4 years ago
oh! lol, almost forget it, i´m from dominican republic!!

Luis Pablo 4 years ago
I like your music is fantastic and extraordinary, i hope your new album be succesful!!! , i love you guys!

Dion 4 years ago
Hey guys I'm from Brazil and I've just found out your band and enjoyed a lot keep it up, I can't wait for a new album!! Do you have a songbook? If not you should, 'cause it would make a lot fans happy. Great job, congratulations!!

Rob 4 years ago
Rg fan of orkut ..... hugs success

Thiago 4 years ago
Hey, i'm a big Red good bye's fan from Brazil, and I would like to know if you don't have the tab of the music "I'll be your strenght" because i love this song, i love a lot the way you play! Congratulation!

Matt15wish 4 years ago
you guys are great! thanks your songs are inspirational

dom acerbo 4 years ago
23 is amazing, keep on making songs like it.

Gege Jordy 4 years ago
What a nice Album ! . its better than creed . keep up the good work guys :) . I like Shakespeare Lied song . Please come to Indonesia ill be watch Red Goodbye if you come :D

Beverly 4 years ago
I downloaded the same song, Creed-Suddenly-or so I thought it was, but it was Hourglass and it's completely what I'm going through, I couldn't of said it better myself and it has become my new favorite somg! I listen and cry to it all day but a beautiful song!

Roy 4 years ago
I downloaded what I thought eas Creed suddenly I googled the lyrics and found it was Hourglass, you guys rock.

Kerstin 4 years ago
Hi guys,
I'm from Germany and I just wanna tell you how much I love your music.
I'm listening to "I will carry on" nearly every day and I love it. Andrew your voice is incredible.
Hope to see you in Germany!!!

Jeff 4 years ago
Hey man,
saw your ad on craigslist- still looking for a drummer? If so, drop me an email!

Maggie 4 years ago
I downloaded Shakespeare Lied by mistake I was looking for Creed, I have not stopped playing the song for an hour, excellent song, I plan to listen to the rest of the music.

Colin Bobz 4 years ago
Hi Im From Ireland.. I Listened To The Album A While Back And Its Amazing.. Much Better Than The Creed Album I Was Looking For...

Chuck W. 4 years ago
Just listened to ‘One Time Mountain’ for the first time. It’ll be a part of my regular rotation. People are comparing your sound and style to that of Creed; your music has more depth and emotion than Creed. Red Goodbye and surpasses them at every musical turn. Keep making music!

Andi Müller 5 years ago
Hey i´m from Germany and i love your Music! you are better than Creed!

Thom 5 years ago
Lyrically and Musically the best album (OTM) I've heard in a very long time.

Pat 5 years ago
Wow! Awesome! U guys! Yuor music is very addicting.. Can't stop listenig to it. I love your voice. I get a warm feeling inside. Hope to see guys play soon!

Jorge 5 years ago
This is, by far, the best rock band I have heard in a long time. Your lyrics are poetry, don't stop writing them.

Kasie 5 years ago
I discovered you guys through the Creed lie too but I am sooo glad I did! I can't believe you guys don't have a record deal yet. You guys are so awesome! I am a life long fan for sure! :D Good luck guys!

Michael 5 years ago
Hey, I discovered your music through the Creed lie as well. I really love the sound. I hope that God blesses you with a big time record deal. I will pray for you guys. I also just bought "One Time Mountain" today. God Bless You.

Sarah 5 years ago
Ok, when i first herd your music, it was by mistake as how it happened to most people (the whole creed thing) but i am EXTREMELY glad i did, because you guys are amazing! :D when i hear your music, especially "nothing to come back to", i get goosebumps. i absolutly LOVE LOVE LOVE your music and forever will! I cant wait to hear what youve got coming next. With much love,

Sarah. (:

Nick 5 years ago
Hey guys, is there any way I could buy your CD via paypal? As i'm in the UK and it's the only way I can buy things online.


jennifer 5 years ago
when can i order your new cd?? loved one time mountain and look forward to more from u guys!!!!

Diana Preneta 5 years ago
Shakepeare Lied,I Will Carry On,Victories Truly Magical To My Ears and Heart

Jezzika 5 years ago
Anxious Heart is so beautiful guys! All your songs are amazing, and on my ipod, NTCBT has been played over 2000 times! and ive only had it ob there for 4 months! love from aussie!

Anabil 5 years ago
i was listening to "creed's new album" in my car today but to my surprise it did not sound like creed, but the songs were really amazing. Then my friend rajdeep searched the wed and whoa, we've found Red Goodbye. I'm really hooked on your songs. Love the words, the singing style, guitar works and especially the drumming in "nothing to come back to', which is my favorite song song. So wishin' u guys all the best from Bangladesh and i really hope that u guys make it big cuz u guys have everything that i love about music. :D

Mucktar 5 years ago
You have good songs, whens your next album released?

i can't wait no longer

Barry 5 years ago
YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME !! Whens your next CD being released ?

Nick 5 years ago
How the hell are you guys not signed yet, seriously. You're as good as Creed.

Also, you don't happen to have tabs for any of your songs do you? (well, obviously you do, but you know, that you're willing to release)

Peter 5 years ago
you guys are jusst awesome. love you guys ,3

Gavin Enright 5 years ago
You Are Awesome your cousin passed your cd to my mom whose the principal of lindenhurst high school in long island new york. I hope the best for you guys and ill definetly pass it along

Ian 5 years ago
Cd arrived today very fast delivery to uk its even better than the dodgy downloads get it orderd you know it make sense guys

~gans~ 5 years ago
your music is captivating.
Hourglass... its eternal..
keep going....

Ian 5 years ago
Just orderd cd i cant stop playing it its truly amazing hope you guys get singed soon and what about some uk dates i know a really great club if your ever over this way keep up the good work